Do you know what a Doula is ???? I didn't and I have a child, lol!! Well a doula is someone that helps deliver babies, and our favorite girl, Erykah Badu , has been one for years!!! 

Well 21 year old SUPAmodel, Slick Woods will soon be welcoming her first child with Badu's help. You have seen Slick Woods in Vogue, Calvin Klein ads, and recently Marc Jacobs was added to her resume! 

Slick Woods is expecting a baby boy with fellow model Adonis Bosso pretty soon  actually, this September.

“She’s a mommy role model. A mother I look up to, who kills her s— and is a boss-a— bitch,” Woods, whose real name is Simone Thompson, told the magazie’s September issue.

The style icon also revealed that she will be breastfeeding her son and plans to name him Saphir, a nod to the birthstone of his expected arrival month.

Congrats Slick WoodS!!

DJ Supastar

DJ Supastar

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