Tyler Perry Offers $200K Reward in Florida Missing Persons Case

Tyler Perry is using his influence and wealth to help solve the mystery of two missing person cases in Florida. Perry has been involved in the cases of Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos since 2013. Both men suspiciously disappeared 15 years ago. Attorney Benjamin Crump and Perry have filed a lawsuit against a former Florida Sheriff's Deputy named Steve Calkins. Calkins is connected to the disappearances. He picked up Williams after his car broke down. He also arrested Santos after a traffic accident. Neither Williams or Santos have been seen since.Calkins has said he dropped both men off at a convenience store. Perry already had a $100,000 reward for information on the incidents. He increased the reward to $200,000 on Tuesday. Do you think this cold case will heat up with more reward money on the table?

I swear man , Tyler Perry is the G.O.A.T. !

DJ Supastar

DJ Supastar

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